Context Mockup



To liven up the work I had done, I was discussing with my tutor how to use the context to make the work look more worthy to the world. I realised I wanted to have the zine handed out to little girls in a more fun way rather than with their school dinners or just handed to them in class because then they would associate it with that and make it less fun. Therefore, I researched what toys little girls still play with and most of it pointed to Barbie’s still (which is perfect as Barbie is an integral part of my project). 

I’m trying to push that the zine should be fun and if these were handed out with Barbies then they would become a good part of the doll. Sure, the dolls are fun to play with but there doesn’t seem to be much thinking over what the influences it could have over children are. Therefore, if their self esteems were subconsciously lowering then the booklet would be a good way of raising it up a peg or two.

I think this would be a fairly successful way of handing out the booklets. It isn’t very imaginative but it’s more about actually helping the children in the most effective way possible. The main problem is that not all little girls would play with Barbies so I would have to figure out a different way for them to get the benefits. 



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