Food Pages

Food pages


This page is about all the fruits and vegetables that I drew on the front and back cover. I want to make them more appealing to children. I didn’t use recipes etc, because chances are, there parents would cook their food at this age. Instead, I used facts about food that they might not have heard before to try and make them more interested in what they have to offer. I thought it would be nice to properly teach them about something in this zine and I’ve done it in quite a fun way for them.

I think it has been successful in getting the message across. I was quite worried because I really had to turn down the opacity of the fruits so that you could read the writing and I didn’t think it would looks as good as being able to see them in full detail. However, you can a see a bit of colour through them and the writing is fully legible so it should work just fine.

I think it’ll be successful in getting the message across because children are always willing to learn and I’m teaching them something new about healthy food which will hopefully get them to eat a little healthier.


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