Barbie Face Page

As I showed before, I had the image of the three Barbie faces next to the face of a real girl.

I changed this so that I used the same Barbie face for all the Barbies and I decided on not using a normal persons face because it was for them to picture themselves. There is no point in me putting in the face of a random girl because chances are, they don’t look like that and it just wouldn’t have quite the same effect.

Barbie facesBarbie face writing


Scan 18

This image is about how it is far better to be different from everyone else. I drew these Barbies to represent how they are all clones of each other.

The message is that they should be happy with the way that they look and if they have any flaws or what they think is a flaw, then love it because it makes you stand out from the rest.

I think it is successful in delivering the message because I haven’t used the image of the random little girl in this one. Obviously that was to represent other little girls but it didn’t quite work because they don’t look the same as her either. This way they can picture themselves compared to the Barbie rather than the little girl.

I like that it is a fun and girly image that little girls would be able to look into. I think it is fairly understandable to them what I mean about comparing themselves.


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