Barbie Page

Barbie image

I coloured the Barbie figure that I had previously drawn in the more realistic style like I did with the fruit and veg to see if it would look more suitable for children. It makes it more obvious that it is a Barbie because the colouring reveals it is made of plastic, but it could still be seen as inappropriate and parents might not be happy with this.

I will test to see what they look like on a page like this before putting clothes on them because it really is more effective if you can properly see the figure.



Barbie page

It is definitely far more obvious that it is a Barbie but it is better to be safe than sorry so I think I will clothe them anyway and it should still make the point.

BarbiesBarbie writing

Because I chose swimwear, it still perfectly shows off the figure so it make more of a point.

Scan 17

The image is to show that children shouldn’t aspire to look like Barbie.

The message makes far more sense than it did on the original because I wasn’t quite so blunt this time. I mentioned that she would be very unhealthy rather than just ‘weird’.

I think it is fairly successful because it demonstrates my point and it is also fun because it has introduced a new illustration into the booklet rather than just using the fruit and veg over and over again.



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